Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chosen fate

Friends, don't read to much into this

I am the soul of the universe
I am the big bang
If there is no source to the order you see
I am the only thing

The only externality
was that introductory light
condensed into matter and energy
that began the ages plight

But 'tis not true, for the bounds are set
there's much beyond to know
our feeble knowledge persists yet
understanding's pace is slow

The path determined before the start
as Calvin had believed
would have been the the only way
inspiration's not received

There is no random number
still, there's no non-chosen fate
without our introduction
from some other state

Turing's engine paralleled
an infinite field of strings
External influences do exist
directing the order of things

Conceive now from whence you came
not resisting reality
it matters not, if you're ignorant
we all refuse to see

The curves of time, the paths of light
the darkness beyond the edge
obscures our view and leads us to
conclusions that make us hedge

The curtain falls, The heavens move
and in the end we'll see
The soul in this unheaven'd sphere
projected upon thee

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